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The innovative Scan2Net technology forms the basis of the scanning solutions from ImageAccess.

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Scanare Color
Fata-Verso Nu
Latime maxima 1220mm
Format A0

The innovative wide format scanner WideTEK 48 is setting new standards in performance and quality.
This very fast but astonishingly quiet color scanner combines user-friendliness, production-ready design
and compact dimensions in a new class of scanners. State of the art illumination using bright white LEDs
guarantees long lifetime and best scan results at a very low noise level in spite of the high speed.
The cutting edge camera technology, consisting of a dust-protected, hermetically sealed camera box
holding CCD systems using a patented stitching procedure, delivers a resolution of 1200 dpi.

The user operates the scanner either with a standard internet browser or alternatively, via the built-in touch
screen. A monitor directly connected to the scanner can be used for image control or to modify the scan
parameters, without a client PC. Using the touch screen display, up to 30 different password protected
jobs can be defined and stored. The jobs contain preconfigured settings such as scan parameters or
directories on the network drives. The integrated walk-up scanning software makes the
scanner a truly shared device. One click of the mouse is enough to either print the scan, send it to any
directory in the network or via email, to upload it to the FTP server, or to save it to the USB memory device.
Simply walk up, scan and store or send the image, all through the use of the touchscreen.

WideTEK scanners scan historical and fragile documents particularly gently thanks to spring-loaded
ball bearings in the document transport mechanism. Special transport rollers with individually spring
loaded ball bearing pairs serving as pressure points ensure the best possible, gentle document transport.
This allows a maximum document thickness of 2.5 mm. A new weight-balanced back plate allows users
to adjust the strength with which the documents are lifted to the scan plane. Transparent DIN A1
envelopes are perfectly suited for even more protection of the documents.
Automatic document size recognition allows operators to pass sensitive documents through the
middle of the scan area, protecting documents from any damage.

For digitization of transparent documents WideTEK large format scanner can be refitted with a white
backplate. This simple and effective accessory is considerably more cost-effective than a conventional
backlight unit. In combination with the optimized LED illumination, it
achieves a clear and high-contrast reproduction of even the finest details of transparent documents.
Utilizing an ingenious binarization algorithm, the white backplate option enables operators to get optimal
brightness allocation of the image. Most documents, even with quality inconsistency, are automatically
binarized using a single setting.

Document Formats    
  Autoformat Size Recognition
  DIN Formats DIN A5 to DIN A0
  US ANSI Formats Legal, US E
  User defined Formats
Document Specification    
  Document Size Up to 1270 mm (50 inches) wide, up to 500 m (20,000 inches) long
  Document Width Up to 1270 mm (50 inches)
  Document Thickness Up to 2.5 mm (0.1 inch)
  Paper Path Face up, Front entry, Front or rear exit
  Scan Width Up to 1220 mm (48 inches)
  Resolution 1200 dpi
  Scan Speed (24 bit) 1200 dpi - 1.2 m/min (0.8 inch/sec)
  600 dpi - 2.4 m/min (1.6 inch/sec)
  450 dpi - 2.4 m/min (1.6 inch/sec)
  400 dpi - 3.5 m/min (2.3 inch/sec)
  300 dpi - 9.4 m/min (6.2 inch/sec)
      200 dpi - 14.2 m/min (9.3 inch/sec)
  Scan Speed (BW) 1200 dpi - 1.2 m/min (0.8 inch/sec)
  600 dpi - 2.4 m/min (1.6 inch/sec)
  450 dpi - 2.4 m/min (1.6 inch/sec)
  400 dpi - 14.2 m/min (9.3 inch/sec)
≤ 400 dpi - 14.2 m/min (9.3 inch/sec)
    More information can be found here ...
Technical Specifications    
  Color Depth 36 bit color, 12 Bit gray scale
  Scan Output 24 bit color, 8 bit gray scale, bitonal, photo mode
  File Formats JPEG, PNM, TIFF decompressed, TIFF G4 (CCITT), PDF (optional)
  Interface 1 GBit Fast Ethernet with TCP/IP based Scan2Net® Interface
  Camera 4x Tri-Color CCD camera, 91,200 pixels, encapsulated and dust-proof
  Light Source White LEDs, classificated to IEC 60825-1: class 1, no IR/UV emission
Dimensions and Weight    
  Dimensions Scanner
(H x W x D)
  220 x 1399 x 555 mm ( 9 x 55 x 22 inches)
  Dimensions Scanner
incl. Floorstand (H x W x D)
1070 x 1399 x 555 mm (42 x 55 x 22 inches)
  Weight Scanner Approx. 56 kg (123 lbs)
  Weight Scanner incl. Floorstand Approx. 77 kg (170 lbs)
Electrical Specifications    
  Electrical Connection 100-240V AC, 50/60 Hz
  Power Consumption 0.1 W (Sleep) / 4 W (Standby) / 70 W (Ready to scan) / 110 W (Scanning)
Ambient Conditions    
  Operating Temperature +5 to +40 °C, +40 to +105 °F
  Relative Humidity 20 to 80 % (non-condensed)
  Noise Level < 35 dbA (Scanning) / < 25 dbA (Standby)
  Floorstand optional
  Table for external Monitor optional
  Foot pedal optional
  White Backplate optional
  Polyester Film Envelope A1,
165μm, 38x26" (Clear envelope)
  Batch Scan Wizard (included) For Large Quantities of Documents
  Scan2iPF For Direct and Fast Copy to imagePROGRAF
  Scan2PDF Creating PDF/A Formats
  Upgrade Scan Width
from 42" to 48"
Software Option
  Scan2EDIT Scanning and Image Processing in a Single Step
  Scan2USB Walk-up Scanning to USB Stick
  Scan2VGA Virtual Graphic Application
  Scan2ICC For Creating an Individual ICC Profile
  Extended Warranty More information can be found here ... Logo PDF
  Functions Digitale color balance
    Automatic black value
    Automatic white balance
    Online ICC profiling
    Web-based firmware updates

Scanner Widetek 48

Software Batch Scan Wizzard

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